Precious Love's "Singing Song" NFT was sold!

Celebrating the first sale of the NFT "Singing Song" through DistroKid's program #SelloutsNFT


P. Williams

12/19/20221 min read

Precious Love's "Singing Song" NFT was sold!

Thanks so much to the supporter who purchased the "Singing Song" NFT!!!! You can still listen to this super fun track by clicking here. Glory to God!

Thank you to DistroKid for adding Precious Love to the DistroKid #SelloutsNFT program! What an awesome program and DistroKid is super LIT for sharing that with others.

I definitely recommend using DistroKid for your distribution needs artists and producers. Here is a link to get 7% off on the signup process too! Click here. I use their free graphics and video design tools all the time to promote my music, and they make it incredibly easy by creating a hyperlink page for all of your releases. Especially if you produce, it makes it well-worth it to give it a shot. (DistroKid link)

Please, let me know if you enjoyed this "Singing Song" track as much as I did, I used to ride down I-75 back and forth to college every day jammin' to this back in like 2012. I'm glad I finally got the nerve to share it with the world.

Love and grace to you all!

~Precious Love

Singing Song by Precious Love ArtworkSinging Song by Precious Love Artwork